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Best Accounting Jobs in Virginia near Richmond and Mechanicsville

How to Find the Best Accounting Jobs

Looking For a Career in Accounting?

Accounting positions are varied; you can work for a private company, public company, take on private clients, or you can work for the government. The Department of Labor estimates jobs in accounting will grow 11 percent through 2024. This means there are plenty of opportunities in this field for those who are interested. However, before you take the first step, there are some tips to consider to land the perfect accounting job.

1. Know Your Goals

Because accounting jobs vary greatly, it is important you understand your long-term goals. If the idea of maintaining daily cash logs sounds boring, you should seek to gain an understanding of how your skills match up with open positions. You may be more suited to auditing jobs, or forensic accounting. Understanding the role you are hoping to play can help you focus your job search.

2. Have Your Resume Ready

Remember, financial services jobs of all kinds are highly competitive. Make sure before you start the job hunting process your resume is fully up-to-date. Employers will want to see an overview of your education, and prior training. You should also include a comprehensive list of all accounting software you are familiar with on your resume. Remember, your resume and cover letter may be the first impression a recruiter or employer has of you; make it count.

3. Continuing Education and Skills Enhancement

Because accounting is such a competitive field, make sure while you are job-searching you continue to improve your prospects. Consider taking continuing education courses, improving your computer skills, and you may even want to consider a public speaking class. Remember, anything that gives you a leg up on the competition can improve your job prospects.

4. Know Your Shortcomings

As you prepare for interviews, it is important to understand your shortcomings. For example, great accountants are excellent communicators, have good time-management skills and are also creative. If you feel you fall short in any of these areas, be prepared to discuss them during an interview and talk about ways you have addressed these issues.

5. Discuss Positions with Others

One of the best ways to decide what type of accounting position you are interested in is to discuss the roles and responsibilities others in the field. Talk to people who work in large, and small firms, and talk about what roles they have taken in their field. This may give you some ideas for options, and helps you understand what type of role you may feel suits you best.

6. Consider Working with Recruiters

If you are uncertain where to start the job search, consider working with a recruiter. Contact a company with experience placing those seeking jobs in the accounting field. This method can help you identify opportunities that are not typically found in the help wanted section; many companies opt to use recruiters for these important roles.

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