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What is an Innocent Spouse and an Injured Spouse?

Many married couples opt to file their tax returns jointly because it is often the most beneficial status to use. But it’s not without risks. If your spouse has been neglectful when it comes to complying with tax laws and …

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Personal Taxes vs. Business Taxes

Filing taxes is a requirement whether you are an individual or a business owner. While there are some similarities between personal and business taxes, such as reporting all earned income, deductions for charitable donations, and “pay as you go” provisions, …

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What Do Business Consultants Do?

If you own or are thinking about starting a business, you may want to consider having a business consultant or two on your side. You’ve likely heard the term and are wondering what business consultants do. The short answer is …

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Filing Taxes: FAQs

Tax time is right around the corner. Every year, there are certain questions many taxpayers have about filing their taxes. In an effort to make the process easier, we’ve addressed some of the most common questions we get about tax …

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What to Do When You Cannot Pay Your Tax Bill in Full

If you’ve just prepared your taxes and have discovered you owe the IRS money, don’t panic. The first thing you need to do is file your taxes on time. If you are unable to pay the entire bill, you should …

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