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Business Valuations

A business – especially a growing and profitable one – can become an impressive asset for its owner. And given the time, energy and risk involved in taking a company from start-up to success, it’s easy to understand why an owner can become emotionally attached to the accomplishment.

But businesses aren’t always lifelong endeavors. Occasions arise where the owner wants to sell … whether to move on to retirement, to explore a new opportunity, or because of changing life priorities. Then the question is establishing the value of the business before putting it up for sale.

Rue & Associates offers a strategic combination of accounting and financial expertise, combined with wide-ranging general business experience. That combination can be an invaluable source of insight when you decide it’s time to sell. Since we’ve worked with companies ranging from local start-ups to middle market and closely held corporations, we can give Richmond area business owners the advice and counsel they need at this critical juncture.

It’s important to remember that your personal feelings surrounding the business need to be separated from the data needed to establish a realistic value. This is not a subjective exercise. We will work with you to explore the ways that your business can be valued.

Buyers will tend to be more interested in proven profitability and future earnings potential. And we can work with you to document those effectively, and to identify competitive differences your business can offer a new owner. If you see selling in your future, and especially if you have time to build additional value in your company, now is the time to start laying out a plan with Rue & Associates.

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