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Financial Planning

Even the best-organized and most-successful businesses need the special focus of sound financial planning. Rue & Associates lends wide-ranging expertise in everything from accounting and payroll to HR and taxation for our Richmond-area clients and others across the country. We know how to structure your financials to benefit you and your business. We take your finances very seriously, and we’re trained to anticipate what you’ll need for the future, too.

A closely-held business is an important asset, but owners often tend to focus on the present and near-term. We bring longer-term vision to the table. We can help you set up your financials with sound tax strategies, so that the company is more profitable today, and your personal finances are also set up to your advantage. We can help you attract and keep good employees with benefits and retirement plans. As the value of your business grows, we can provide estate planning and trust administration services to ensure that your heirs and beneficiaries benefit in the way you intended. And if the time comes to sell your business or pass it along to someone close, we can help you with business valuation and a succession plan that meets your personal and business needs.

The trust administration process is often complicated and confusing, and can seem overwhelming at times. Many times the process is hampered even further due to the emotions and conflicts that arise among the trust beneficiaries as a result of family dynamics and the grieving process. If not properly dealt with, these emotions and conflicts often play out in court in protracted and expensive trust litigation. We can help you avoid such a result by offering you competent and capable assistance throughout the trust administration process.

Don’t put off these decisions. They’re moves you should be thinking about now, and Rue & Associates will make working through the complexities a much easier process.

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