Fixed Asset Management Services: Richmond VA | R&A

Fixed Asset Management

Whether you are an accidental landlord, professional real estate investor, or you own or manage a small business, quality fixed asset management is a priority for your financial needs. Rue & Associates’ highly-qualified tax and financial professionals are dedicated to keeping your fixed asset records in order and ensuring that you are in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Historically, small amounts of fixed assets were not seen as a major risk to small and medium sized business owners. But as fixed assets like land and buildings are often the largest item on your balance sheet, you are exposed to higher risk from valuation errors and misreporting. If your organization was formed prior to the digital age, it is likely to have fixed assets incorrectly reported due to vague descriptions, lost records, ghost assets, asset grouping, and other data gaps. Whether your real estate portfolio is comprised of just one property or several, you need accurate records of valuation and depreciation for all of your properties. If you wish to sell your business and need valuation, or you are seeking capital for your business, accurate fixed asset reporting and reconciliation is a must.

At Rue & Associates, we take fixed asset registers seriously and will ensure that your tax and regulatory risk is minimized. Every industry from manufacturing to healthcare and non-profit to real estate has unique financial and compliance risks in addition to potential tax consequences. When you trust us with your fixed asset management, you can have peace of mind that your assets will be reported correctly and we keep your records and equipment lists up to date so that you don’t have to.

By investing in quality fixed asset management services, you will enjoy the benefits of more accurate financial reporting, capital budgeting, and property values for taxation and insurance purposes. Whether you need an accurate property value estimate for legacy planning or planning the sale of an asset, Rue & Associates is here to assist you with all fixed asset concerns.