Richmond Business Services: Human Resources | Rue & Associates

Human Resources

Rue & Associates strives to help small business owners with the intricacies of human resources. Federal and state regulations regarding the hiring, retention and termination of employees can be onerous and you’ve got a business to run and grow. When focusing your energy on human resource management, it should be on finding the candidates with the ideal skill sets and establishing a positive work culture for your organization: not payroll regulations. We stay up to date on employment and tax laws so you don’t have to.

We are available for human resources consulting if you are unsure whether you are hiring an employee or independent contractor for a project, temporary assignment, or if you have budget concerns. Whether you haven’t hired your first employee yet or a seasoned workforce who’s been working for you for years, Rue & Associates can assist with your human resources needs.

New Hires

Onboarding new employees doesn’t have to be stressful. Let us take care of Form I-9 verification and all federal, state, and local regulations relating to hiring new employees.

Payroll Administration

Once you hire your first employee, you will have ongoing payroll administration needs that can take up valuable time. Rue & Associates can handle these ongoing obligations no matter what your needs are for both ongoing and contingent labor.

  • Employee withholding (Form W-4 initial filing and changes)
  • Correct reporting and withholding of bonuses and other payments aside from salaries and wages
  • Timely filing and payment of employee payroll taxes
  • Unemployment insurance administration and other employer obligations
  • Communications with government agencies regarding your payroll tax obligations
  • Workman’s compensation policy

Tax Form Preparation

Income tax returns aren’t the only business tax obligations that new employers face. With your employees’ and contractors’ information on file, we can prepare all tax forms you are required to furnish to your workforce. In addition to preparing W-2 and 1099 forms, we can also prepare the relevant information returns that need to be filed with federal and state tax authorities such as quarterly and annual payroll tax returns.