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Liaison with Tax Authorities

Very few people get excited at the prospect of having to speak with the IRS, the Virginia Department of Taxation, or other state tax agency.

If you received any notices from tax authorities and are unsure how to properly respond, the experienced tax professionals at Rue & Associates are qualified to be your tax authority liaison. Whether you have received a letter regarding your tax return or your sales tax matters have not been resolved, we can help.

If you are currently under examination for tax matters in any year, Rue & Associates is authorized to represent you to the proper federal, state, and local tax authorities. We know exactly what type of information the authorities need and the rules that they must abide by when dealing with taxpayers. Our world-class tax professionals can speak to IRS and state tax authority employees on your behalf and deal with enforcement agents so that you don’t have to.

There’s no need to feel worried or intimidated by a notice or phone call asking for payment or a resubmission of your tax documents. You can trust Rue & Associates to be your tax authority liaison no matter what type of tax it is and we will handle all correspondence with the agency for you. Whether it’s income tax, sales and use tax, or estate taxes you can have peace of mind that your tax matters will be properly resolved by tax professionals who are experienced in communicating with the tax authorities and speak their language.

When you come to Rue & Associates for help with your tax questions, you also don’t have to spend hours on hold waiting to talk to a rushed customer service representative who is likely to not even know the answers to the questions you have or what procedures apply to your tax situation. By making us your tax authority liaison, we know exactly who to contact and how to get your tax matters resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Contact us today about becoming your tax authority liaison.


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