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New Business Startup

Starting your own business is an exciting venture and a dream for many people. But it’s also a process that requires extensive planning and an execution strategy in order to ensure everything goes smoothly as well as keeps you in compliance with all regulations pertaining to the type of business your startup is.

Rue & Associates’ experienced business consultants can help you with every step of the business planning process from formulating your idea and strategy to starting up your new company:

  • Compliance checks. Every business needs to get different licenses and/or certifications, even if you’re a solopreneur who isn’t selling tangible goods. We can find out which licenses you need and which regulations you must comply with on a regular basis so that you are aware of these measures ahead of time and can focus on growing your business.
  • Entity selection and formation. Figuring out which entity to go with based on your industry, needs, capital, goals, and much more can be daunting. Our business experts can sit down with you and help you determine which business entity will work the best for your unique business situation.
  • Business plans. If you’re seeking external financing such as an angel investor or would like to secure a significant bank loan, you will need a formal business plan which we can help you create.
  • Loan applications. Applying for a business loan can be confusing and time-consuming between having both the written and financial information that banks are seeking, then waiting for an answer. We can save you the time in applying for business loans and ensure that your application has been completed correctly.
  • Succession planning. No one likes to think about accidents, illness, and death but they happen to all of us and business owners are no exception. We can handle your succession planning right after getting you started up.

When it comes to your new business, Rue & Associates wants to make sure that you’re starting up on the right foot and we’re there to help you through all stages of growth and success.

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