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QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Do you use QuickBooks for your business? Rue & Associates is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, which gives us superior qualification to assist our clients who are QuickBooks users.

If you do your own books or hire us to do your bookkeeping for you, and use QuickBooks for your financial record-keeping, there are many benefits of working with a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. In addition to the world-class service you receive from Rue & Associates’ experienced accounting professionals, you also receive the following valuable benefits of our participation in the QuickBooks Pro Advisor program:

  • Thorough knowledge of QuickBooks that enables us to better serve all of our bookkeeping clients. QuickBooks Pro Advisors go through rigorous training on the most common problems QuickBooks users face, and little-known maneuvers that make the program faster and easier for you to use.
  • We can make switching from desktop to online simple. Knowing how to use QuickBooks isn’t enough for providing exemplary service: Pro Advisors are trained in helping clients transfer  their accounting data from the desktop version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online so that we can see your transactions in real time.
  • Pro Advisors can help you with technical aspects of QuickBooks, in addition to accounting questions. You don’t have to call tech support and hope for the best when you work with a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, where the former lacks accounting skills. QuickBooks Pro Advisors are a “one stop shop” for any difficulties you may be having with all aspects of using different versions of QuickBooks, whether they are technical, related to accounting principles, or both.
  • QuickBooks Pro Advisors help you fully utilize QuickBooks in running and growing your business. Pro Advisors can do more than just know how to work with QuickBooks: we can help you with setting up your business in the program from the start, opening a payroll, and consulting on your QuickBooks usage based on your unique needs.

If you use QuickBooks or plan to switch to it, Rue & Associates’ highly-qualified experts can help you get even more functionality out of this program. Contact us today.