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State Representation

Did you recently receive a notice that you’re under audit and it didn’t come from the IRS? The IRS isn’t the only tax authority you have to contend with: Rue & Associates is here to assist you with state tax representation. We specialize in Virginia tax law and have assisted clients nationwide with state-level representation issues. If you have received a deficiency notice, information request, tax lien, or audit from the state taxation department, our experienced tax professionals are qualified to handle these matters for you.

There’s no need to panic if you receive a notice in the mail from the state tax department. We stay up to date on the latest Virginia state tax law changes and representation procedures so that you can leave stressful tax matters to us with peace of mind that they are being properly taken care of. Rue & Associates is dedicated to providing quality state-level representation for all state tax issues from payment plans to field audits.

In addition to having their own tax code to adhere to separate of the Internal Revenue code, state tax departments also have their own procedures for audits and examinations. If you are facing Virginia state tax issues such as liens, levies, back taxes, un-filed tax returns, or underpaid/uncollected sales tax, we can help. While you may have the right to represent yourself before the taxation department, you will virtually always have more favorable results with proper representation. The rules for properly contesting liens and walking you through an audit are second nature to our highly-qualified tax professionals.

Finding out that you’re under examination or audit is stressful, even more so when it’s a hard-to-research state tax issue. There’s no better way to eliminate that stress from your life than by ensuring you’ve got the apex in state representation on your side. We strive to get the best possible outcome when you hire us to represent you on state tax issues.

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