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Tax Liability Determination

Filing your tax returns may have been simple over the years until things became a little more complicated when factors, such as your household expanding, starting a business or inheriting assets, drastically changed your financial situation. No matter what types of taxable income you have, determining your tax liability may be a daunting prospect. Rue & Associates’ taxation experts can put you at ease when it comes to figuring out your annual tax liability if you have current and backdated tax returns that have yet to be filed.

Whether you’ve historically had complex tax returns or not, we are here to help. We specialize in Virginia state income tax and have helped clients across the country determine their tax liabilities.

Only frontline income tax software with the latest tax code updates is used to examine any tax returns that still need to be filed. Our highly-qualified tax professionals will ask you all pertinent questions about your lifestyle, household composition, and personal finances to determine your tax liability using the information provided.  We will also determine whether you qualify for even the most obscure tax benefits that will keep your tax liability as low as legally possible.

We go one step beyond determining your federal and state tax liability right now: we also help you strategize for the future with our tax projection services so you’re far less likely to be taken by surprise with an unexpectedly large tax liability in future tax years. The tax code is constantly changing and you’ve got a busy life: what may reduce your tax liability one year may actually increase it the next. At Rue & Associates, it’s our duty to stay updated on every tax law change so that you can have peace of mind we’re constantly hard at work keeping your tax liability low.

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